Data and Image Use Disclaimer -

A. Commercial Use -
You are NOT allowed to use images or data for any commercial use. This means you can not use any images or any data WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT for a commercial use. For example this could be eBay listings, store sales or blogs etc. If you are unsure in any way please feel free to contact us. We do offer API and other options to our data and images. Please contact us to discuss options. We try to be reasonable as possible. I myself love the game of baseball and on one hand I try not to be greedy but on the other hand it does cost a lot of money to run web-servers, and there is a lot of time involved in data and images.

Exceptions: (Again you still need to WRITTEN CONSENT)
If you are Non Profit or just some old collector looking to use our images we may consider free use of the images too. (In this case we would still need some type of credit “provided by” or some sort of link.) YOU STILL MUST GET WRITTEN CONSENT FIRST!

B. Non Commercial Use -
If you want to share our images on Facebook, twitter, forums, other small sites or just a small blog that is not commercial related YOU MUST INCLUDE credits. For example - (image was provided by ) You are well to use our share link WITHOUT ALTERING THE CODE!

C. Miscellaneous Data Use -
Please do not attempt to try to spider our steal our data. If we find that there are attempts to steal data we may block you or the IP. Again please talk to us first we if you are looking for something. Thank you.

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